Hello! That’s me, Natalia Tamarina.
I have drawn and made various funny things for the whole of my life.
In 1999 I started my work as a creator of children page in a newspaper. Since that time I have
collaborated with many magazines
and newspapers making drawings, riddles, paper toys and little crosswords for children.
Later, I began to make illustrations for grown-ups, too. At the time of my collaboration with "Adresa"
magazine I was drawing many historical persons. I treat children as adults and vice versa. I prefer to keep to my style in everything I do and in graphic design as well. I plan to print my funny heroes on
clothes, cups, walls and furniture. I am free! I don't go for a work. But I work all the time. I am looking forward to the collaboration
with publishers as an illustrator and as an author as well. All
art works presented in this web page may be for sale.

My adress: 197136, Gazovaya str. 7-35, Saint-Petersburg, Russia