“A Jacket of Fernand Leger” by Sergey Dovlatov.

Andryusha was a son of an outstanding person... Nikolay Konstantinovich Cherkasov was a prominent actor and a member of the Supreme Soviet... Every summer we would go to the summer cottage. In the Karelian Isthmus the Cherkasovs had a cottage encircled with the pine trees. From the windows of the cottage one could see the sea-gulls hovering about the Gulf of Finland... In the morning I would come to see Andryusha. We would run along the area, eat currant, play ping-pong and catch beetles. When it was hot we would go to the beach and when it rained we would make models out of modeling clay at the verandah. Sometimes, Andryusha’s parents arrived. His mother used to come every Sunday and the father would come about four times for the summer to have his sleep out.